Last Friday we had a team of boys and girls compete in the Central Cast Catholic Schools Cricket Competition.  They were ably led by their captain Cameron W and over many weeks displayed a determined commitment to learning the rules and skills of cricket.  They regularly turned up to training with myself or Mr Pobjie and on the days we couldn’t be there took themselves to the nets to practise.


On the day we came up against an experienced team from Wyoming, who got the better of us, but in our second game the training kicked in as well as Cameron’s batting and we came out on top. It was wonderful to see the learning of a new sport and the way the students entered into the spirit of the game of cricket.  Thank you to all the parents that assisted on the day. Congratulations to Cameron, Kayla, Henry, Elliot, Joshua, Cohen, Ashton, Lucy, Sam, Jordan and Nathan.


Mr Shanley