Mathematics - St John Fisher Tumbi Umbi


Mathematics develops students’ thinking, understanding, competence and confidence with numbers, shapes and measurement. 

Students learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply whole numbers, fractions and decimals. They learn to measure time and calculate with money. They learn geometry, algebra and how to work with data and graphs. 

Mathematics has a major impact on our lives because it is used to describe and help us to understand our world. Mathematics is about ways of thinking which are logical and analytical and about seeing connections between things.

As a creative activity, mathematics involves invention, intuition and exploration. It involves representing things using diagrams, graphs and symbols. Mathematics also involves the ability to use mathematical ways of thinking to make decisions and to solve problems.

Our school policy is based on the Board of Studies Kindergarten to Year 6 Syllabus. Children participate in mathematical activities that have been sequenced to allow a positive development in attitude and skills. We firmly believe in the used of equipment and resources to facilitate children’s learning of mathematical concepts.

We believe that success in school mathematics should be independent of gender, social class or ethnicity. Calculators are available in all classrooms and mathematical-based computer software is continually being added to our resource list.