COMPASS - St John Fisher Tumbi Umbi


The Diocesan Coordinator of the new administration package is working on a letter for parents that will give the details of the functionality of the Parent Portal on the Compass App.  This will include maintaining student and family details, absence tracking, online booking for parent teacher interviews and more as it becomes available.

In the mornings, teachers will be marking the rolls as the children arrive in class.  If you arrive late to school and the classes have moved from the hall it is essential that you bring your child to the front office to sign them in to the Kiosk in the foyer.  It is a very quick process and students are not able to access the Kiosk without the nominated carer.  If they were not at school when the roll was marked, they will be marked as absent and by signing them into the Kiosk you will be adjusting the roll to say your child is at school.  It is a similar process if you are collecting your child early.