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All profits from the sale of the entertainment books will be going to support the Thompson family raise funds to take their young daughter Willow to the USA for the operation she needs.  The books are available from www.entbook.com.au/343a00 for $65.

Many of you know Willow who is the little sister of Ava in Year 1. As it states on their Go fund me page, Willow was born prematurely at 29 weeks and due to issues at birth she developed damage to her brain which caused her to have cerebral palsy. Willow’s cerebral palsy means she struggles every day to perform simple tasks that we all take for granted and she has spasticity in her body. This makes moving difficult and leaves her body tight and stiff which also causes pain, disrupts sleep and means she easily fatigues.

 The operation she needs is another huge hurdle that we know Willow will get through with her feisty, determined “I can do anything attitude”. We are on a mission to make her dream of walking a reality, so are extremely grateful and appreciative for any help we can get. So share away, spread the word and if you can donate anything along the way know that you are helping a very deserving little girl more then you know.

If the Entertainment Book is not your thing and you would like to support the family in this quest to make the best possible life for Willow, you could visit the Go Fund me Page on https://au.gofundme.com/willows-wish-to-walk