P&F GENERAL MEETING - St John Fisher Tumbi Umbi


Our President, Natalie Jones, put forward a proposal to move to a family based P&F Levy to take the place of all major fundraising activities to allow the P&F to concentrate on building community and parent education.  She outlined the procedures put down by the Catholic Schools Office to make this change. 


There was some great discussion and a letter will be coming home later in the year to outline all aspects of the proposal to be then put to a vote in the Term 3 meeting.


As was outlined in the newsletter there were discussions and decisions made regarding the uniform.  The changes were minor and designed for us to be able to achieve a good standard of consistency across the school while maintaining a uniform that is both attractive and comfortable for the many activities that students perform in a school day in the classroom and on the playground.


While the changes are quite small, some of the changes will take time to be introduced as we need to consider the amount of stock that we have a commitment to sell.  There will certainly be a changeover period and no one would be expected to make any changes until they are due to buy new items.  The changes include:


  • The sport shirt will be predominantly green with lemon down the side.  It will be of a more presentable and hardy material that was agreed on by the parents at the P&F meeting.  We will let you know when this shirt becomes available.


  • The Winter long sleeved shirt for boys and girls will move to have a square bottom that looks good untucked and a soft collar that does not take a tie.  This will be phased in as the stock changes over but we will go without the ties for boys and girls this winter.


  • There has been an improvement in the material for the sports shorts that will decrease the fading of the shorts, they will last longer and will mean they don’t need ironing.  They are the same colour and will be phased in as stock runs out.


I commend Angela and Michelle for their commitment to the Uniform Room as volunteers.  We recently had a meeting with the suppliers and, on your behalf, we have brought to their attention a number of issues around the variations in sizes, colour and style that have been evident and they were keen to sort out these problems in the future.