COMPASS - New Administration Program - St John Fisher Tumbi Umbi

COMPASS – New Administration Program

New aspects of the Compass Software are being introduced in stages. We recently had the installation of a Compass Kiosk in the foyer. The Kiosk looks like a large iPad and is to be used by parents who pick up their child/ren early and for late arrivals.

Teachers now keep the attendance roll on the Compass software.  The roll will be marked at 9.00 am by the teachers in the classroom.  All students who are not with the class as they leave the hall in the morning will need to be accompanied by a parent to the office so they can be signed in at the Kiosk.  It is a very simple process and needs to be done by the nominated parent/carer.  Students will then take the slip that is produced to the classroom so the teacher knows they have been entered on the roll.

Soon there will be a parent portal that will allow you to enter absences but in the meantime you are welcome to keep using the school app.

Shortly you will receive details about a Compass Parent Portal and App which will enable you to access information online about your child/ren, anytime, anywhere, from any modern web-enabled device.

Initially you will be able to –

  • View information on your child/ren’s attendance
  • Enter explanations for absences
  • Receive communications
  • Update your contact details

Please keep a look out for an email with login information and instructions over the coming weeks.

In order for parents/carers to access the parent portal for Compass each parent must have their own email address.  If we currently have the same email address for both parents and you wish to have individual access you will need to notify the school in writing.  This is very important for when the parent portal goes live next term.